Southern New Hampshire Trailblazers is a local snowmobile club dedicated to the sport of snowmobiling in southern NH and surrounding areas. We are based out of Kingston, NH and are run by a team of dedicated volunteers that love to talk about anything related to “sledding.”

The club was formed to provide a group for responsible, safety minded snowmobile enthusiasts to gather together and help to provide the riding public a network of maintained trails. We strive to help educate the young enthusiast in snowmobile safety and to become ambassadors for the sport of snowmobiling.

Club meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month in the cooler months.  From June through August we hold meetings once per month on the 4th Tuesday.  We do not meet on the 4th Tuesday of December.

If you are interested in snowmobiling, and want to be around people like you, contact us or come to meeting to see how you can help, or just to meet some new people.

If you would like watch a short presentation about our club, see some fun pictures, and hear first hand what we are all about, watch this presentation we created for our Facebook site: SNHT Presentation

To see who we are, check out the great people that volunteer and help keep the club going by clicking here.

If you wish to learn about the history of our club, click here.