Join the Club

Membership into Southern NH Trailblazers starts at only $25 a year. Your membership fees help support our local trails and the NH trails system. Included in your membership fee is membership into the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA) and a subscription to Sno-Traveler, the official publication of the NHSA.

We currently offer 2 options for joining the club. If you need a membership voucher quickly to get your NH registration discount we highly recommend option 1. This is an automated system which provides a voucher right after submission.

1. NHSA portal – $30 + $2 CC fee for $32 total – Our quickest option for getting your membership voucher right away. This option allows you to join through the NHSA membership portal using a credit card. This is a more expensive option but it provides your membership voucher without waiting for us to process it manually.

2. Mailed application – $25 – Our most economical option for those who can wait a bit for membership details. If you prefer the old school method of snail mail or just want to save a little, you can still download our membership form and mail it in with a check for payment. Your membership voucher will be processed and sent to you once we receive your printed membership form and payment.

Whichever way you join, join early for faster processing!

NHSA membership portal

SNHT Club Membership Application 2022-2023 Mail In Application

If you ride local, join local, and support the club. And if you have some free time, please volunteer to help us both in season and off season, as we work to prepare the trails. Our membership is what makes what we do possible. And if you can’t volunteer your time, consider making an additional donation to help support the club.

Thank you for your interest in joining Southern NH Traiblazers!